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Philadelphia Auto Show

Well this is my first blog, and my first post. Hopefully over the next couple weeks I will get familiar with the whole concept of posting and covering certain events. This event was shot on Feb. 7th and I figured it would be a great start for my first post. I recently attended the Annual Philadelphia Auto Show in the Philly Convention Center on Feb. 7th. At this show I had the oppertunity to meet a great deal of people and see many of different new styles of modifying cars. This years show ment a lot to me and a group of my friends. We started a blog called its all about urban streetlife mixing with the import car scene, flushness, newest fashion styles, and fads. Well a car that means a great deal to us (nissan s15 silvia RHD)was entered and won a contest to be featured in the DUBZ section of the auto show. To check out a couple photos from a photo shoot of this car check out my flickr account set.

Heres a couple of pictures from the event. To check out more visit the Philly Auto Show set in my Flickr


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