Photography Cars and Style

There is a style, an art, a term…street photography

These past couple of months I’ve been wanting to just take a full day in a city and take my stab at some street photography. Yes I know you may think to yourself “…hey this is a little creepy”. I think to myself, whats so creepy? Oh is it capturing that one frame that you will never see in your life time ever again? Taking pictures of people in their natural beautiful state? Or is it the part about taking a snapshot of a couple walking down the street holding hands? For those of you that like to do what we call “people watch”, and sit at an outdoor restaurant or coffee-house and just look at people go by, I think you’ll understand. Well if that’s the case I do believe that would be about 95% of this worlds population. People watchers just observe and remember that glimpse for a few moments, I capture it, and save it. That’s the difference in people watching and street photography.

I owe all of my street photography inspiration to a certain photographer from Singapore, his name is Danny Santos. Just by viewing one of his pictures you will understand how amazing street photography really can be. Just that one split second, that one frame, can be worth an uncountable amount of words. He perfected this method. After looking at his work I set out to the one city that I love the most, Philadelphia. I went with my friend Cliff Cooper.

My overall experience was great. A little nervous about taking some pictures. Minding what other people would say to me and not understand what or why I was doing it. This is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome. I really only took a few pictures of people. Here’s my favorite, I call it the window shopper. Let me know what you think

I have a lot of pictures from this past weekend, don’t be afraid to scope out my flickr its only a click away! Leave me feedback.


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