Photography Cars and Style

Chase and Payton

This past weekend I had a really fun opportunity to take photos and these two wonderful kids. As you all know Halloween is coming up and these little ones wanted to show off their new costumes! First thing that happened as we pulled up to the park was a sprint for the swing set, as any kid would.

After we played on the swings for a bit Chase decided we all should play in the leaves for a little bit. Well we didn’t realize that he wanted to eat the leaves instead of play in them.

Well at least he got a kick out of it haha!

Well in this part of the shoot he wanted to hang out on the picnic bench and sip on his bottle for a little. I guess he wore himself out a little bit.

Well as the day came to an end the children’s parents decided to put them in their Halloween costumes.

Well I’m really happy I had the opportunity to take on this photo shoot, I had a really great time doing this shoot, the kids were great and seemed like they had a really fun time. As this being my first shoot i have done with young kids, please give me some feedback and let me know what you think! Thanks all!


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