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Fright Fest 2010

So my fiance and I thought it would be a great time if her and a couple of her friends dressed like zombies and did a photo shoot. So that is precisely what we did haha. A couple of these pictures actually even scare the hell out of me! Let me know what ya think. Here are a couple of shots from the set. To see more, visit this set in my Flickr webpage.

Now for a little technical background on this shoot. I had originally planned for this to happen with a little bit of ambient light. This would’ve made it a lot easier for the camera to auto-focus and just a lot easier to see in general. Well getting the outfits ready and getting the make-up done took a little longer than we all had planned. Either way in this shoot I knew I wanted to use off camera lighting. I only used 1 580 exii strobe with a small square softbox.

All of these shots with all girls in 1 picture the strobe was always about 4-5ft. high angled down and directly behind me while I was shooting. I did this because, 1- I had to figure a way to make best of this situation with no ambient light and only having 1 strobe. 2- I set the lighting up higher than usual because I wanted the light to fall on each of the models faces and kind of cast demonic shadows over areas such as the eyes and cheek bones. Having this happen I thought it added a more dramatic feel to the whole shoot.

So as I stated before, wanting some ambient light in order to help the camera auto-focus. Well this wasnt possible because we got out a little after sundown. My camera wasnt auto focusing properly, sooooo, I knew the lens wanted to see something contrasting or somewhat bright to help it focus. My solution, I had each girl hold my iPhone as the screen was lit up against their faces until my AF locked in.

If you guys have any questions or anything just post up in the comments section of the post and i’ll get back to ya!


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