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Evo vs. Sti Shootout

So I attended the evo vs sti shootout this weekend. Everytime I go to englishtown I wish I just found something else to do. Not really much of a fan anymore except for the drifting track events. This weekend tho, was a different story. D Money / SubWRXKid from the forums as some of you may know from tristatetuners and NASIOC, made his debut of his amazing looking WRX. Well if you haven’t already seen his MOD list its right HERE. Heres some pics from his 03 WRX. For more pictures of his car visit here.

Here’s some more pictures from the show, to my surprise there were that many cars in the show, maybe about 30. Although the parking lot was a different story.

The day was a good day and I can safely say that I have never in my life seen so many evos and sti/wrx’s in my life in one place. Overall it was a good event! Looking forward to First Class Fitment this upcoming weekend with CaniBeat. I’ll be helping out Friday so I’ll get a little sneak peak hehe. The event should be amazing, so far a ton of time and planning has gone into it!

I’ll be shooting the event so stay posted! Also doing a legit shoot of Dimitri Tsougas bugeye after the event.


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