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Hi all, well…I haven;t posted here in a very long time due to the fact that I’ve been focused on starting a more professional site. From now on there will be no more posting here on and as of March 2012 it will not be renewed. All traffic should probably go to my new website here you can still find links to my work on FLICKR and also a new BLOG section as well. Let me know what you all think. I hope you will all still follow my work and be a part of my new website. Send me some feedback on any feedback you have about again thank you all for the support!!


Looking love in the eyes

This weekend on Saturday I had the opportunity to shoot with a wedding with a friend of mine at Snuffy’s Pantagis Renaissance steakhouse in New Jersey. Heres a look into the eyes of love with Forrest and Jayvie just after their beautiful wedding ceremony. Keep a look out for some more from this energetic wedding in the next upcoming weeks. Till now here’s the “teaser”. Enjoy!

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Shooting on the Train Tracks

So last weekend Stephenie Ponist and I set out to add some more pictures to her modeling portfolio. This shoot had been planned for a few months, and finally when it happened it was well worth the wait. We had picked 2 locations to shoot at. We developed a few specific ideas in mind for the type of looks she wanted in her portfolio. She wanted a natural lit,outdoors look and also a business woman/serious look. We ended up shooting on a railroad in New Hope, PA area, then the second location was located in Lambertville, NJ. The entire shoot rolled smoothly, there were no elements that posed a threat, such as a moving train. The shoot took a total of about 2 hours, and it was a great experience. Here are some pictures to view from the shoot!


Eyes on me

I’m sorry people, posting hasn’t been on my priority list in a while. I know typically bloggers would bash the fact that I’ve posted that comment, but its the truth. Over these past few months my fiance and myself have been planning for the biggest day of our lives, our wedding. When getting married you can never just think for yourself, you have to think as a pair and make decisions together. Well this is the total opposite reason for making this post. I’ve always shot pictures of other people. Typically that’s what you do as a photographer, right?

This weekend I decided to do a “self-portrait”, I’ve never done one before. Before jumping into this I said to myself, “how hard can this really be, it’s just like taking pictures of other people, right?”. Wrong, dead wrong. I went into this blind. First the lighting, then positioning myself in the lighting was a task in itself. the camera was fairly far away from me and I had my remote shutter. Trying to focus the camera on myself and centering myself in the frame was also a challenge. Anyway the picture is called “My Weapon of Choice”.  The lens I am holding is my Canon 70-200mm. F2.8L

So I hope you like the picture. Like I said before this was my first time, I want some feedback and tips! Also I give a lot of credit to the photographers that can do this flawlessly.

The mummers hit the streets of Philadelphia

So as you all know yesterday we turned another year. It’s 2011 people, which means start of a fresh and exciting new year. There are people who have traditions and certain “tools” that they use to make the first day of the year a relaxing and great time. If you are anywhere near Philadelphia on New Years day, and can wake up early enough,you’ll only need a few simple tools to make your day exciting. One, you will need a warm cup of hot chocolate or a fresh beverage of choice, as long as it’s in a solo cup. Two, bring a collapsible chair and plant it somewhere on Broad Street. Sit in that seat and let the Mummers handle the rest.

This year after having a crazy new years eve, I set out with my fiance and a few friends to catch the Mummers Day Parade. It was amazing, all the work that goes into the production of this parade is incredible. Here’s a few pictures from the parade, the outfits were terrific as usual! To view more pics from the Mummers Day Parade from this year and last year please view my Philly photo set here. 

Photographing Facial Expressions

Hey all I know its been a while since I made my last post. Here’s a fun shoot I did with my fiance this past weekend. Its made from an iPhone app that I have, promoting a song from Cassius called “I love you so”. Here are a few shots and check out the rest in the set on my flickr.


Well this is what I’ve been waiting for so long for. Finally I have my own website for my photography. This entire website was put together by a friend of mine named Tony Aprile. When designing this website I had idea in my head as to what I wanted it to look like and do. He was great, he offered up so much great advise and pointers as to how to make this site clean and user-friendly. On top of making this complete site within a days time and offering up great ideas to create it, he was extremely devoted to making this site proper.

Aside from this all being put together so well I could not find a better price than his, not only to create but also to host this site. If anyone would like a website designed by him please contact Tony Aprile at make sure you request Tony you can also reach him personally at

Click the blog link at the top of the page and leave me some feedback! Let me know what you think! Remember its not just a site that will not change, with every shoot I will update the blog section. So save to your favorites!!

Client Shoot: Dimitri

This past weekend I was asked to do a shoot by a long time friend of mine. Recently I’ve been wanting to try different things with using my 580exii flash and portraits. I’ve been investigating a lot on using flash to over power sunlight and learning how to use flash to make color pop.

Dimitri and I set out to my playground…Philadelphia. We arrived at our location and the clouds and sky set in perfectly right as we arrived. What better time to start testing these new techniques that I had been learning about. We shot for about 2 hours out of the day. Here’s a couple of shots that I picked out from the shoot that I am happy with. Please go to my Flickr and check out his set labeled Dimitri to view the rest of this shoot drop a comment and let me know what you think!

Fall Into Family Love and Fun!

Last Sunday was so much fun, I had a family shoot to do in Princeton with a really fun family! Eric and Sarah brought their kids out and we had a blast.

It was perfect timing to do this shoot as well, not only did we have great weather, but it was right during the middle of the Fall season. The colors in Princeton are amazing around this time, plus it was great for the kids to jump around in some leaves.

The day turned out perfect, I do have to thank my lovely assistant Lisa (my fiance) for being my reflector lady ; ) After the shoot was over we took the kids and went to Panera Bread for some delish Mac and Cheese!

To view more photos (but not all) from this shoot, check out their set in my Flickr.

Shooting the Hook

Lately I’ve been doing more work outside of my realm. I’ve been wanting to take a different approach to my photography, I want to try and catch those angles that’ll take your breath away.

I have started to get more fond of doing Black and White photos. A lot of people will say “black and white is plain” or that “black and white has no depth”. Well people, I know black and white processing doesn’t show vibrant colors and vivid reds to catch the eye, but it does take you from one extreme part of the spectrum to the complete opposite extreme. One thing I have found that black and white does a lot better than color is show physical emotion. When you see a great black and white image it can speak so much more about the personality and mood not just coming from the subject but from the photographer as well. I feel that sometimes beautiful colors in a picture can take away from the emotion in that frame.

Now with all of this being said, I had an opportunity to do a shoot with a good friend of mine, Michael Abernathy “Dj Nappy”. He certainly has come a long way. I cant put it in any better words than he has in his Bio on his website.

Those of you that know who Nappy is, will know the pictures in this post best describe him. Those of you that don’t know him hopefully the style and creation of these images kind of give you a better idea as to the kind of person he is.

To keep up on his works follow him at these spots


SoundCloud:  <——–Must See!


Twitter: @djnappy