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Abandoned Jersey Shore

Well if you’ve stumbled upon this blog post I should tell you now, this has nothing to do with the MTV reality show, The Jersey Shore (TV series). It has everything to do about the Asbury Park beach which IS considered a Jersey Shore. Well two weeks ago and friend and myself decided to pick up the good ‘ol cameras and to go shoot somewhere different that we really have never explored. I mean, we’ve both been to the beach, but never during the winter. So off on our journey to Asbury Park to see a beach town that “could’ve been…”. I had very high expectations for a good day with there being snow on the ground and having it be really sunny out. Overall my experience there was nothing shy of freezing. Who knew it would’ve been that much windier down on the shore! I liked this trip because i started noticing mixed emotions with the setting and season. It was winter and my body, finger tips, and face felt that. Aside from snow being on the ground causing a cool effect, my eyes saw that it could be summer as well, with seagulls, sand, roaring waves, and most of all the bright sun. I’ve only processed a couple of pictures from this trip so far so here is a few for the blog! Let me know what you feel when you see these.


Fall Into Family Love and Fun!

Last Sunday was so much fun, I had a family shoot to do in Princeton with a really fun family! Eric and Sarah brought their kids out and we had a blast.

It was perfect timing to do this shoot as well, not only did we have great weather, but it was right during the middle of the Fall season. The colors in Princeton are amazing around this time, plus it was great for the kids to jump around in some leaves.

The day turned out perfect, I do have to thank my lovely assistant Lisa (my fiance) for being my reflector lady ; ) After the shoot was over we took the kids and went to Panera Bread for some delish Mac and Cheese!

To view more photos (but not all) from this shoot, check out their set in my Flickr.

It’s hot in the city, hot in the city tonight!

Lately almost every weekend I’ve been going into a city to take pictures, kind-of being an “urban explorer“. Being in such an over-whelming place all time lets my imagination run wild! Theres always so much action going on you never know where to look. There are so many places in a city to get inspiration. Here’s a picture of a cyclist in Central Park, NYC

Being that Philadelphia and New York are huge cities, there are a vast number of people around you all of the time doing all sorts of different things. Not all of my inspiration comes from people though. Theres also places in a city that can be quiet. Although this is hard to find on a weekend, its great when you get that moment, you can sit down your gear and set up that shot. Frame it just the way you like, make that picture tell you a story.

Well as we know, most major cities are known for landmarks.This also provides a photographer with a lot of inspiration. You look at it and know that you’ve seen it before, but you want to make your shot that much better, and you want to catch it at an angle that some people may not see.

Before I went exploring into these cities with my camera, and way before I had a license to even be able to drive into a city (years ago). Whenever I heard the two words picture and city mended together I always imagined city scape’s, and big buildings!

Now I’ve come to the realization that you can always dig deeper. Theres always another challenge to take on, another angle, another view, or just a whole new perspective. That’s my goal, to show people the world that I see not just through my eyes, but through my lens.

So drop me a comment, let me know what you think!!

I want to go again!

Here is a shot that I took in Bar Harbor, Maine about 3 years ago. My fiance and i took a vacation here for about a week. This was taken from a horse and carriage that was taking us down from the peak of Cadillac mountain. Luckily I got my camera to a safe spot before those skies closed up and started to dump buckets of water down on us. Here’s one of my many pictures from this set.

Philadelphia Coal Pier

I visited the abandoned coal pier 2 weeks ago and took some really interesting photos. It was very creepy being back there on your own, especially with a couple thousand dollars in equipment. It was an amazing spot, mostly all of the structure is still standing and it was showered with amazing graffiti art. Here’s a shot from the Philadelphia Coal Pier Mission. Check my flickr set for more pics from this location.

A couple from Princeton, NJ

Last weekend I had figured I havent shot in Princeton in a while, so what the hell. It was a gorgeous day out, nice sky, clouds, cool breeze. Everything you could ask for. Here is a shot I took right as I was entering Princeton. View my Flickr for more shots.

G’ Morning Sunshine

Heres a photo that I took while I was at the shore house this past weekend. I had read somewhere that there was an application on your iPhone that tells you exactally when the sun rises and sets depending on where in the world you are. It also tells you at what time you should start seeing light. So naturally, I want a sunrise picture over the ocean. Well just so happens that the sun was supposed to rise at 6:03 am. I set my alarm to wake up at 5:30 to give me time to set up on the beach. Due to excessive drinking the previous night I didnt wake up till 6:08am. I hustled my equipment down to the beach and ended up snagging a couple pictures. The sun was well up in the air at this point and it was very hazy. Let me know your thoughts.

Shooting Manhattan

Well this past thursday I went with a friend Cliff ( ) to Liberty State Park in Jersey City. This place has some spectacular views and you can really take in the beauty of the Manhattan Skyline from this point. Heres just a couple of pictures from the journey. The silhouette shot is a picture I took of Cliff as he was setting up a shot.

Brotherly Love

Well lately i’ve been shooting a lot in Philadelphia, there is just way too much to capture. Here is a couple pictures that i’ve shot recently from my previous ventures. There definatly will be more to come. I’ve only really dug into a little bit of South Philly and Center City. Soon to bring you more from all other sections. Keep posted and enjoy the pictures. Love FEEDBACK!

Venti-Iced Please…

Well I love starbucks (due to my lovely fiance). I figured on one of my day excursions through the amazing city of Philadelphia I might as well catch my “Venti sweetened iced-black tea” in action. Not only showing my love for this drink I figured I would take this picture in one of the most memorable places in Philadelphia, Love Park.

When I first started dating my fiance, Lisa, she loved the enjoyable taste of Starbucks lovely drinks. She said, “hey you should try a drink from here, they’re amazing.” I said “I’ll try one, but i’m going to be really pissed if you turn me into a “Starbucks head”. Sure enough that is the very thing that happened. I am actually blogging this post from the Barnes and Noble Starbucks in Princeton Market Fair right now haha. Anyways heres the picture that I took!

Drop me a comment let me know what ya think!