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New “I SCRAPE FRAME” Stickers

Here is a new idea i’ve been messing with and i’ve been trying to promote my photography using this website ( by making posters calendars and postcards and selling them. I recently realized i can make tons of products, one being 11″x3″ stickers like this


Blown Euros, or Slammed Euros…

Last year, The American Red Cross recognized BlownEuros as a leader in the community for donations to the Lower Bucks County homeless shelter in PA. As far as the blown euros show/meet, I love going to this event every year. It’s not only just tons of people sharing the same interest in cars, but its more a culture that so many chill people are a part of. Everything at this event is always thought out and always pulls together to turn out to be a great event for a couple hundred people. As for me and the stunnrstatus boys rolling through with imports we still received the same amount of attention and respect that any other euro car in there got. That says a lot for the groups of people who show at these events. Liberty VIP’s Lexus GS300 although not a euro made a huge statement with his crazy setup! The “stanced movement” made the show 10 times better. We all do know that the “euro boys” have been fitting, stancing, slamming, and rolling fenders etc…since the 60’s, but now this “movement” caught up to everyone else in the scene. Here are some pics. I hope you enjoy. You know the deal, check my flickr for more pictures coming soon

DirtE30 M3!

Did a small shoot this weekend with Jimmy’s swapped E30 M3. Here’s a couple pictures from the set. Waiting to do a more complete shoot of this car in the near future.

E36…Not just a chassis designation, a work of art

As we all know the E36 was ahead of its time when it was designed by our wonderful BMW engineers. Well you know that they did a great job when you see one of these on the road and you still do a double take. This weekend I did a small shoot with Matt Cook a fellow friend and co-worker. When he’s not riding his F4i, he’s dailying his E36 328i. We had been wanting to get some shots of his squeaky clean E36 and finally it happened. There aren’t many modifications done to this car, but the little touches here and there and its cleanliness are what makes this 15-year-old car still snap necks when driving by.

Well here’s the mods.


OEM M3 front bumper
OEM M3 mirrors
OEM M3 rear bumper diffuser
Euro ellipsoid headlights w/ LED angel eyes and HID’s
HID foglights


95 M3 exhaust
95 M3 rear differential
Findanza 13lb. flywheel/Sachs M3 clutch
OBD1 intake manifold conversion


Z3 M short shifter kit
99 M3 steering wheel
Dove grey interior w/Vader seats up front and added head rests in backseats (used to be all black)


18 inch BMW M-Parallel’s
Solid control arm bushings
Turner motorsport swaybar kit (27mm front/24mm rear)
BMW oem X brace
H&R sport springs
Bilstein sport struts

Here’s the pic’s, to view more from the shoot check my Flickr in the BMW set.