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Formula Drift 2011 Wall, NJ

So I’ve been to quite a few drifting events including Formula Drift at Wall Township in NJ 2 times before this event. I do have to say if you aren’t familiar with drifting it’s incredibly exhilarating, you MUST get out to a drift event as soon as you can! I’ve shot a few drift events before. One of them being East Coast Bash, also known as ECB. This year was the first time I was able to get a media pass and shoot on the track, where all the action is happening. I was so happy, big thank you to Leo at for getting me the media pass. So I got to the track at 8am. Keep in mind, the doors didn’t open to vendors or media till 10. I was a little antsy standing around! After being the 3rd car in the parking lot I saw a few friends of mine, as well as the crew. After getting into the gates, I started shooting a lot of the cars in the pits till about 11:30 when the media meeting was to start.

After the 15 minute briefing about not running in front of moving vehicles and making sure you don’t run onto the track while its hot. Were pretty much kicked to the track, the moment we all were waiting for. At around 12:00 practice started, it was amazing seeing these cars up close and personal and being so close to the action. When I say close I mean close. At one point this Viper spun out and came within 5ft. of where I was shooting.

Did I move? Nope. I have the photo sequence to prove! (will post at a later date)

After Practice rounds came the top 31. Following came all the finalists. At this point we were told by track officials we are able to run onto the track when the cars are lined up to get some shots of the drivers with their sponsor “models”.

At this point all I saw was a swarm of orange media vests running to the center of the track. I found my spot and started shooting. At this point we had about 3-4 minutes and then hurry and run back to your bunker, kind of like I was in a paintball tournament, except I was running with $5,000 in equipment in my hand.

Well the finals round came around and that’s where the magic happened, everyone went all out! I have never seen a track eat up so many cars at one event!

Well the event came to an end. I do have to say that it was an amazing experience to see this action first hand. To view more from the event scope out the gallery and also go HERE for all the high-resolution pictures!


One FAST 1946 Pick-up

This past Sunday I shot my friend Nicks 1946 Chevy Pick-up. This thing is so mean!!! It looks so innocent but packs a huge punch! This truck is packed with a big block Chevy 540 Block and a very rare EXPENSIVE set of Valley head service- thunder power 32 valve heads. This truck is fully customized out of his very own shop with his dad. no words can describe the time, patience, and sweat put into this car. To make life easier he has provided me a list of modifications and specs, hold onto your chair.


2 inch chop through side windows and windshield around rear window
Top of roof above windows and doors chopped 1.5 inches in front tapered to 0 inches at rear
3 inch stretched cab behind doors
Convert two piece center opening hood to one piece forward opening
Custom dash and console corbeau seats
Oak bed floor, raised to accommodate suspension and rear
Hand formed rear fenders and roll pan
Taillights hidden in rear panel
Custom 2×4 square tube from scratch
Mustang II front susp. With ride tech shockwaves
Adjustable 4 link rear With ride tech shockwaves
Willwood brakes 14” front 6 piston calipers 12” rear with 4 piston calipers
9 inch ford rear 3.90 gear
10 point roll cage
Front wheels billet specialties draft 19 x 8 Nitto 245 x 30 R19 tire
Rear wheels billet specialties draft 20 x 16 Mickey Thompson 29 x 18 R20
Engine and drive train
540 big block Chevy
11:1 compression
Valley head service- thunder power 32 valve heads
Custom sheet aluminum intake
2 660 Holley carbs
Roller cam with belt drive
Custom stainless headers
4 inch stainless exhaust with 4 borla mufflers
4l80e trans

To reach Nick or Nick Sr. at Nicks Customs for any work please email them at

To see more pics from the shoot please go to

Now for some pics!

Listed Top 50 Philly Blogs

So recently I’ve been noticing quite a bit of traffic coming from a website called I didn’t think to much of it up until recently. I looked into why there was traffic coming from here. To my surprise I saw that my photoblog, yes this one speedexposure, has been listed on a Top 50 chart for Philadelphia blogs. This website, Guide to Online Schools, is a website that offers information about college reviews, ratings, and online degree programs. They also offer information for different online resources for inspiration, local news and events, and helpful ideas. All of these resources were compiled into large “Top” blog lists, one of which was Top 50 Philadelphia Blogs. So stop by and check it out!


EXPOSE YOURSELF SWEATSHIRT from A hoodie designed for my blog. T shirts coming soon!! Tell me what you think.

Scenery at the Philadelphia Auto Show

Every year I set out to go to the “wonderful” Philadelphia Auto Show. I like going because I usually take quite a few pictures and being that I am an automotive technician, I like seeing what other companies are putting on the road these days. It seems as if every year the show gets more and more crammed. Not just with cars, games and demo’s, but ignorance as well.
So my day began, got up early and headed to the car show. I had to utilize the oh so wonderful parking garage right next to the Philadelphia Convention Center. My “wonderful” annual car show experience started here. As you all know I own a 2006 STI. It’s loud and obnoxious. Recently i had the motor fully built from crank up to the valves. I was coming up the last level and a kid no older than 18-19 years old stands at the back of this rusted pickup truck with his father about to walk down the ramp. Well the son laughed at my car and says “look at that piece of…”, well you know the rest. This day started out great.
Well I was in line waiting to pay for my ticket, just like respectful do…right? Wrong. I had about 5 people cut me in line. Saying something to these people didn’t matter, they are so zoned in on getting their Toyo Tire posters and being first one to sit in and destroy the interior of the new Subaru Sti. Nothing was going to stop them!
Long story short now that I’ve dragged this post out longer than I intended too, I stayed at the show for 35 minutes. I didn’t take 1 picture, at the show at least.
After leaving the show I couldn’t just leave Philadelphia, especially after getting a huge snow storm. So i set out to find a nice quiet place to shoot. I started my way up Kelly Drive to Fairmount Park. Perfect spot. I parked at the closest parking lot and jumped out with my wide-angle and Circular Polarizer and had a field day! Let me know what you think!

YouTube Video’s?!?!

Yes, that’s right, I made 2 YouTube slide show video’s. I will say, it’s quite fun but the purpose of me doing this is kind of like having a “Set” in Flickr. I’m making these videos to group different events and or genres of images from my portfolio. For all you photographers reading this I’ll clue you in. I’ve been reading more and more about photography promotion and different ways to market your work. I’ve repeatedly stumbled across the idea of making YouTube slide shows, or even behind the scenes movies. After hearing this I began a search on YouTube, to my surprise I was a little late on this idea. Apparently every photographer and they’re mother read these articles years before I did!

So, that’s what I did. I made YouTube Slideshows…heres 2 and I hope you enjoy them! The image quality sucks on them, I have to figure out why…any ideas drop a comment!

Exclusive S15 Silvia

This past weekend I did an “exclusive” shoot with the Silvia S-15. As some of you may know this car has gotten a lot of coverage over the past 1-2 years. After the shoot was over we decided to take a ride on the city, Philadelphia that is. First things first. This car breaks necks like I’ve never seen before. I do understand that when I am sitting in the driver’s seat” and I am not the one actually driving it may look a bit odd. Most of you may know at this point that the car is RHD (right-hand drive), that’s right, it’s here in the US and the steering wheel is on the right side. As we were driving about just looking for a place to get a quick snack and then load the trailer up, Sean wanted a shot of the car in a very different location that said Philadelphia all the while showcasing the car. So we set out on our 30min journey looking for that spot. Putting an image in my head I needed something that screamed Philadelphia but at the same time trying to get that in a spot you don’t see pics of cars in to often.

Well I got the spot. Dead smack in the middle of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. I just needed to find a spot and backdrop that said “That is a Philadelphia car”. So we drove a bit and decided to throw this thing in the middle of the median on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, and catching a shot of City Hall right behind. Let me know what ya think!

Read up more on this car and the story behind the love and friendships that made it possible at

Quality over quanity…FCF!

This past Saturday marked the day Canibeat auto blog put east coast fitment on the map. They hosted an event at Princeton Airport called “First Class Fitment”. The whole purpose: Quality over Quantity, end of story. This show was the perfect example of the meaning behind that phrase.

For those of you in the tuning world, know that for years the west coast tuners have always been “one upping” east coast. They always bring something new to the table. Those of you not into “the game” it’s like Biggie and Tu-Pac, well minus the guns, and all the rivalry. This is more of a setting the mark higher and raising the bar type of thing. Not really a competition or rivalry but more of a bringing something more radical to the game.

Some background, a couple of months back Dave Tormey of Canibeat brought up a great idea. He mentioned having a meet of all the sickest cars in the surrounding area. Well this was talked about over Facebook and there was pretty much no backing out after opening that can of worms.

It started with a pre registration online. This show’s purpose was to showcase 75 quality cars from up and down the coast. From what I know a few hundred cars registered this event and then they were sorted out. Knowing that sorting was done by the guys at Canibeat I’m pretty positive everybody knew the selection of cars was proper and the spectators would not be let down.

Now we are fast-forwarding a couple of months ahead. Announcements were made and emails sent, who was selected to show. During this time a teaser pic was posted of the trophies. Friends from CCW sent these wheel faces. Then they were mounted on wooden stands. The categories were Best JDM, Best VIP, Best Euro, Best Fitment, and finally Best in Show.

Also we were informed that at this show will be a DJ, raffles, an artist, food, and free give-aways! So…ummm…what more could you ask for at a car show?

Well, the day arrives and we pull in to the show area. Wait…that wasn’t the show area…that was the spectator parking. Well we passed the spectator parking and wrapped around to the airplane hangers. We turned the corner and to my amazement cars were being directed every which way. It was a car “lowasis”. People were cleaning their rides and assembling tents and setting up their spots, all with small private airplanes taking off on a runway 150 yards from the entertainment! Amazing setting!

Within no time, the music fired up and so did the grills! There was so much activity going on. There was not one dull moment. After walking around outside the hangers it was time to go into the main hanger and check out even more cars. I can start naming all the people at this show but i would have a laundry list to type. I will say that i did enjoy shooting Miro’s slammed Honda S2000. It was sitting so pretty.

Through-out this show it was great to see the scene on the rise and just the culture of people who it attracts. One thing I loved was all of the people getting involved with exposure of media. There were people with cameras everywhere. There were people with small pocket video cameras, point and shoots, disposable, HD video cameras, camera phones, everywhere you turn there was a flash or the sound of a shutter.

Overall this event kicked ass. Best event I’ve been to all year. I give a big thanks to Canibeat for making this show happen. It was executed perfectly and I know that people are already waiting to see what next year will bring. Well here are some more pics from the event. If you’d like to see more photo coverage check my Flickr set here

Hitting the Back Straight!

This weekend was packed solid for me, as well as the next few. Recently I was invited to shoot at a private track event held at Englishtown Raceway Park, NJ. Event was held by JDS Motoring. Here is a couple pictures from the event. I havent yet finished the entire shoot yet but here is just a couple for your enjoyment.

5 Tips, and then some, on being a better photographer

There are many pointers, tricks, methods, rules, guidelines…etc that many photographers use in order to get that shot they want. Everyone has their own way of going about setting up a shot or trying to make their shot that much different from everyone elses. Now seeing how I mostly shoot scenery and automotive, most of the time objects that I am shooting are stationary. Therefore I am able to access the scene and set-up accordingly. I will tell you right now…I am not the best photographer out there, and I don’t think I have even begun to scratch the surface, but I do try my best to produce that “WOW!” effect in a picture. That being said, the MAIN tip for every photographer out there is have CONFIDENCE in yourself! If you don’t have confidence or a strong head on your shoulders you will get stomped on and walked all over, and believe me, no one wants to hire a limp photographer! On to the tips before I go on a confidence rant!

Tip #1


What makes an amazing capture always starts with a base, I’ll give you a hint, it’s the first step every photographer should take before that shutter clicks. That is framing the picture and composing the shot to give the consumer that “WOW!” effect I had mentioned earlier. You want to create an angle between you and that object that will grab your customer/consumers eye and draw them in. A few things should be going through your mind as you prepare your shot. Look around and check your background, make sure nothing will be or is over powering your subject. For example: I’m shooting a sport bike at a loading dock, right next to this sport bike is a GINORMOUS 18-wheeler. Ummm that in my opinion takes away from noticing the beauty that bike may have. Yes it can be framed to look differently if you MOVE YOUR FEET but certain things in background will take away from you subject. Next! Check your reflections, and your horizon lines. Things like these can be changed or processed in Photoshop, but your goal as a photographer is to create as little work for yourself in processing as possible. If adjusting something at the time of the shoot takes you 30 seconds, you will have saved about 3 minutes in Photoshop. So if you’ve got a reflection move a couple of feet over and see if it washes out (this is if you don’t have a circular polarizer, definitely a must have). Finally, there is nothing worse than taking a picture, visualizing what you want that final product to look like then going to process and you find a foreign object behind your subject that totally distorts the picture. in some cases such as candid shots this may not be able to be prevented. I had taken a picture of my fiance. I absolutely loved this shot. I took it a couple of years back when we took our first vacation and I got my first camera. I still love it, but someone pointed out to me that it looks like a tree is growing out of the model’s head. Here is the picture to get a better understanding of foreign objects in backgrounds. In this case it couldn’t have been prevented due to the fact it wasnt a posed shot.

Tip #2


Unlike the first tip this one is pretty self-explanatory. Take your pictures, post them up, let the public see them on flickr, photobucket, webshots, or even facebook. Let them judge your work and your style (which yes, you will develop your OWN style). Then have them tell you why they don’t like it and knock you off of your pedestal. Then LEARN FROM IT. After this, read from the second sentence of this tip to the part where it says LEARN FROM IT, and uhhhh, do that for a couple of years, maybe the rest of your career. You don’t always have to take everyone’s advice, but you sure can take it and make your own judgement from it. Art is different in everybody’s eyes, and its on you to make the decision if what you ment to do is how you visualized that picture to look. People will go their own ways in this industry and that’s how you create your own look, your own style.

Tip #3


Well those of you that only own 1 2 gig card may hate this tip, but ya know what, if you only have 1 2 gig card then you need to purchase another, or better yet get a 4,8,16,32 gig card. Well a lot of people say setup your shot and shot it once. Take the time and double-check all your adjustments and shoot. I do agree with taking your time and fine tuning everything, it’s a must. I disagree, strongly about taking 1-2 shots. Those little LCD screens on the back of our cameras may look nice and pretty, but sometimes you just wont be able to totally tell if lets say your subject is in complete focus, or even if the white balance is correct for the lighting. I’ve found in some cases that I have only taken that 1 shot and it turned out to be great…but the front door was the focus point, and the front bumper was not. Or even the leaf directly behind the flower was in focus and the flower was slightly out. I can only imagine this would’ve been a different story if I had set up again to maybe take 2-3 pics instead of just that 1.

Tip #4


Doing this will and can hurt your business very quickly! When you make excuses in front of clients it kills your professional image that you are trying to set. That very image that you and your work use to sell YOUR BRAND. You want to show your customers that you have the confidence and the “know how” to give them what they are paying for. A customer doesn’t want to hear “only if I had…” out of your mouth, or “my camera doesn’t have that many megapixels”. This all hurts you. You are a professional and you are getting paid to be creative. SO GET CREATIVE! Think of a work around, that’s what you’re getting paid to do. Make that model feel good about themself, or present that communion or wedding and tell a story and make people get to know the people in the pictures. Think of ways to work around maybe flaws in lighting, or equipment, or even lack of help. Don’t make excuses!

Tip #5


Every photographer has their own style. You ask what makes one stand out from another. Well that’s simple, there’s a lot of things but 1 main point that I always look for,who has seen this picture from that perspective? Show people a picture from an incredible place they may never get to see in their lifetime. Catch that angle that no one else can, or be at that spot and frame it in a way that people will ask, “how did they take that picture?”. Make the consumer curious, it gives them the drive to want more.

This concludes my 5 Tip’s…and then some on being a better photographer. I hope you learned something new, after-all that’s what this games all about right? If you want a better understanding of what I mean when I say be bold and different a great place to see examples of this would be Flickr‘s very own Explore page.

Make a comment, tell me what you think!