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Eyes on me

I’m sorry people, posting hasn’t been on my priority list in a while. I know typically bloggers would bash the fact that I’ve posted that comment, but its the truth. Over these past few months my fiance and myself have been planning for the biggest day of our lives, our wedding. When getting married you can never just think for yourself, you have to think as a pair and make decisions together. Well this is the total opposite reason for making this post. I’ve always shot pictures of other people. Typically that’s what you do as a photographer, right?

This weekend I decided to do a “self-portrait”, I’ve never done one before. Before jumping into this I said to myself, “how hard can this really be, it’s just like taking pictures of other people, right?”. Wrong, dead wrong. I went into this blind. First the lighting, then positioning myself in the lighting was a task in itself. the camera was fairly far away from me and I had my remote shutter. Trying to focus the camera on myself and centering myself in the frame was also a challenge. Anyway the picture is called “My Weapon of Choice”.  The lens I am holding is my Canon 70-200mm. F2.8L

So I hope you like the picture. Like I said before this was my first time, I want some feedback and tips! Also I give a lot of credit to the photographers that can do this flawlessly.


Photographers not getting credit or recognition?

This weekend I got really riled up over a series of commercials. These commercials were from Panasonic, and they were based on their new series of Lumix cameras. The message being portrayed in each of these commercials is the “you don’t have to be a great photographer to take great pictures“.  Heres the first video.

As you all know I made a post about this in August, to view click HERE. Through reading that post you should understand how much these commercials piss me off. Not only me, but they should aggravate the world of photographers as well! We are no longer going to be able to get credit for taking great pictures. Now the public is starting to think more and more that it’s the camera that’s taking those great pictures. Here’s the second commercial, as much as I’d hate to give Panasonic the free advertisement, this has to be seen.

To be honest I’ve been going through a lot of these Panasonic commercials on YouTube. While the may be funny commercials they are actually going against Dslr‘s with their point and shoots…doesn’t Panasonic make a Dslr? This confuses me as well because its like they are going against a form of product that they make. Here’s a short YouTube video that I made with the XtraNormal software.

Well I understand companies trying to catch every new angle to market their own product in a way no other company has. I do believe this was taking it too far. I feel it takes the credit away from the Photographer. Now that this craze has taken over, the market is flooded with photographers that think shooting in Auto modes are enough to get by. One thing Panasonic won’t be able to offer in “auto mode” is our eye.

 The difference between a great photo and a work of art is the ability to see in a way other’s don’t. That is something technology will never be able to take away from us.

Anyone who has ever used a camera that reads this blog please leave a comment. This is definitely open for discussion! I want to know from you photographers as well, am I the only one getting angry about this?!

Nice camera it must…STOP RIGHT THERE!

Watch this movie I created before reading the blog post. This is something that has happened to me quite a few times, and I know every other photographer freelance or pro has had this happen many of times as well. Whatever is said in this movie is just ment to be funny. I personally don’t get this bothered when someone says this (yes sometimes it will get on my nerves) but not to the point in which this cute little bear takes it. Enjoy!

This Post was actually created because I had read another blog post from an amazing photographer, Danny Santos II. He puts it very well in what he says in the post. If this comes out wrong from me check out what he said. You may understand a little better. I’m not being cocky and no, I do not think I am the best photographer out there. But to all of you fellow photographers, I know comments like these get under your skin a little. I’ve needed to blow off some steam a little bit and I’ve felt this would be the best way to do so. Yes as some of you know I recently had to purchase a Canon 5D MKII camera. My Canon 40D decided to blow up, along with my car two weekends ago. That is actually when I came about making this video. I was pissed because I missed having a camera and needed to let out a little steam. In the past two years that I have been a photographer there have been a few times when people have said to me, “nice camera, it must take __________ pictures”. Fill in that blank with fast, nice, great, beautiful. Hell you can throw in that blank ugly, shitty, fucked up, or disgusting as well. Yea all these things happen good and bad with this camera I am shooting with right here. But I have news for ya peps. The camera didn’t just take that picture, I did. Yes I took that picture and I made it great, I made it shitty, I made it work, and yes I made that magic that will make your jaw drop, your eyes water, or the horrible blank look that says, never show this picture again.

Example: I took this picture below with a point and shoot camera. I like to show this picture. (this was a couple of months into my journey as a photographer, with a little bit of knowledge on how to work a camera)

On the other hand here is a picture I took when i got my first DSLR (when I had no clue). The picture is out of focus, exposure is all wrong, framing and composition was horrible. I think this could’ve been a decent pic, given the fact that I had a clue as to what the hell I was doing.

Sorry if anyone has been offended, the post wasn’t ment for that. It’s just I feel I am speaking for other photographers when I say this. Yes as well as myself but like I said it usually will not bother me when I hear this. As a photographer I love attention, and if the size or looks of my camera gets that for me than bring it on!

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