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500PX: The new craze

A new photo sharing website has been launched called 500PX a few months ago. Just recently it has started spreading like wild-fire. This site is just in its beginning stages, as many will notice it has HUGE potential. It is much along the lines of a website some of you may be familiar with called Flickr. There are a few new things to this website that Flickr doesn’t have…yet. As time rolls I’m sure we will be seeing large changes in both websites, as of now Flickr has some competition.

First off looking at both websites 500px has a lot cleaner look to it and is a much nicer place to display your work. Flickr is still very jumbled together. The other great thing about 500PX is that it’s almost setup like a Facebook profile. You can make an avatar and you have a few sections to your “profile” page. When you sign up for 500px you have a lot of fantastic options that Flickr does not offer. When you first open a profile page on 500PX you are brought to a very clean-looking page with a few tabs to choose from. First you have the photo section which is what is displayed when you first open the page. It displays all of the photos that have been uploaded by that one person. In each persons profile you have a tab called Blog. Here the photographer has their own blog space to write-up anything they want. I thought this idea was great because it lets you know a little bit about each one of those people. Moving along we have a few sections that Flickr members have as well. You have your Favorite tab your Friends tab and also an Activity tab. These all being self explanatory lets move to the last tab. This tab is called Wall. Do I need to explain? Ok fine…picture your Facebook wall…need I say more?

Aside from all the different sections of 500PX there a quite a few more features that this site presents that are pretty interesting. When opening someones page and you click on a picture you are presented with a few options. Next to each picture title you are able to click on a heart shape. This will allow you to add the picture as a favorite. The cool part about this site that Flickr does not have is photo ratings. You have a choice to either click the “like” button or a “dislike” button. This will give the picture a rating, this also boosts your “affection” under your avatar, the more “affection” you have shows how many people have voted on your pictures.

With all this craziness you must be asking yourself about social media link buttons. Well first off each person has an RSS feed to their page. each page has a section at the bottom where you can Facebook “like” the page. This is also a feature on every picture as well as Twitter Tumblr and Stumbleupon. So you have a lot of major ways to distribute your work straight from your pictures on 500px. Also you can share other people’s work as well.

In my opinion the one single greatest thing about 500px is this, you can create a separate portfolio webpage! They have an assortment of different themes you can choose from. Here you can create your own portfolio and how it is displayed. Not to mention the fact that you can also sell your images off of this site : )

Overall I think if you give 500PX a bit more time it will be every photographers “one stop shop”. Each website serves their own purpose and not many websites are great at everything they do, but they have 1 or 2 things that they do very well. So far 500PX has shown us all that it has the potential to do everything well. As for right now it is missing quite a few things that I know I love about Flickr. I think a lot of photographers will agree that we love the “groups” and the “chat” areas in all the groups. Also the integration with a printing website. I personally love MPIX but Flickr uses Snapfish. While I havent made prints through Flickr I think it’s a great idea to integrate that into the website.

My final thoughts

I love Flickr, I love 500PX. I think we can all agree that 500PX is FILLED with AMAZING photographers it is definitely a place to show off “your best”. Pictures that I see on 500PX I am forced to pick my jaw up off of the floor. I’ve been noticing a lot of photographers moving off of Flickr and signing up with 500PX. I can honestly say that will not be the route I choose because there is something very “warm” about Flickr that I like, and yet 500PX still feels very “cold” to me. This will possibly change soon. Lets see where both of these sites go in the next few months.

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Drop me some of your thoughts, I’m interested in what everyone else thinks.


Shooting the Hook

Lately I’ve been doing more work outside of my realm. I’ve been wanting to take a different approach to my photography, I want to try and catch those angles that’ll take your breath away.

I have started to get more fond of doing Black and White photos. A lot of people will say “black and white is plain” or that “black and white has no depth”. Well people, I know black and white processing doesn’t show vibrant colors and vivid reds to catch the eye, but it does take you from one extreme part of the spectrum to the complete opposite extreme. One thing I have found that black and white does a lot better than color is show physical emotion. When you see a great black and white image it can speak so much more about the personality and mood not just coming from the subject but from the photographer as well. I feel that sometimes beautiful colors in a picture can take away from the emotion in that frame.

Now with all of this being said, I had an opportunity to do a shoot with a good friend of mine, Michael Abernathy “Dj Nappy”. He certainly has come a long way. I cant put it in any better words than he has in his Bio on his website.

Those of you that know who Nappy is, will know the pictures in this post best describe him. Those of you that don’t know him hopefully the style and creation of these images kind of give you a better idea as to the kind of person he is.

To keep up on his works follow him at these spots


SoundCloud:  <——–Must See!


Twitter: @djnappy


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5 Tips, and then some, on being a better photographer

There are many pointers, tricks, methods, rules, guidelines…etc that many photographers use in order to get that shot they want. Everyone has their own way of going about setting up a shot or trying to make their shot that much different from everyone elses. Now seeing how I mostly shoot scenery and automotive, most of the time objects that I am shooting are stationary. Therefore I am able to access the scene and set-up accordingly. I will tell you right now…I am not the best photographer out there, and I don’t think I have even begun to scratch the surface, but I do try my best to produce that “WOW!” effect in a picture. That being said, the MAIN tip for every photographer out there is have CONFIDENCE in yourself! If you don’t have confidence or a strong head on your shoulders you will get stomped on and walked all over, and believe me, no one wants to hire a limp photographer! On to the tips before I go on a confidence rant!

Tip #1


What makes an amazing capture always starts with a base, I’ll give you a hint, it’s the first step every photographer should take before that shutter clicks. That is framing the picture and composing the shot to give the consumer that “WOW!” effect I had mentioned earlier. You want to create an angle between you and that object that will grab your customer/consumers eye and draw them in. A few things should be going through your mind as you prepare your shot. Look around and check your background, make sure nothing will be or is over powering your subject. For example: I’m shooting a sport bike at a loading dock, right next to this sport bike is a GINORMOUS 18-wheeler. Ummm that in my opinion takes away from noticing the beauty that bike may have. Yes it can be framed to look differently if you MOVE YOUR FEET but certain things in background will take away from you subject. Next! Check your reflections, and your horizon lines. Things like these can be changed or processed in Photoshop, but your goal as a photographer is to create as little work for yourself in processing as possible. If adjusting something at the time of the shoot takes you 30 seconds, you will have saved about 3 minutes in Photoshop. So if you’ve got a reflection move a couple of feet over and see if it washes out (this is if you don’t have a circular polarizer, definitely a must have). Finally, there is nothing worse than taking a picture, visualizing what you want that final product to look like then going to process and you find a foreign object behind your subject that totally distorts the picture. in some cases such as candid shots this may not be able to be prevented. I had taken a picture of my fiance. I absolutely loved this shot. I took it a couple of years back when we took our first vacation and I got my first camera. I still love it, but someone pointed out to me that it looks like a tree is growing out of the model’s head. Here is the picture to get a better understanding of foreign objects in backgrounds. In this case it couldn’t have been prevented due to the fact it wasnt a posed shot.

Tip #2


Unlike the first tip this one is pretty self-explanatory. Take your pictures, post them up, let the public see them on flickr, photobucket, webshots, or even facebook. Let them judge your work and your style (which yes, you will develop your OWN style). Then have them tell you why they don’t like it and knock you off of your pedestal. Then LEARN FROM IT. After this, read from the second sentence of this tip to the part where it says LEARN FROM IT, and uhhhh, do that for a couple of years, maybe the rest of your career. You don’t always have to take everyone’s advice, but you sure can take it and make your own judgement from it. Art is different in everybody’s eyes, and its on you to make the decision if what you ment to do is how you visualized that picture to look. People will go their own ways in this industry and that’s how you create your own look, your own style.

Tip #3


Well those of you that only own 1 2 gig card may hate this tip, but ya know what, if you only have 1 2 gig card then you need to purchase another, or better yet get a 4,8,16,32 gig card. Well a lot of people say setup your shot and shot it once. Take the time and double-check all your adjustments and shoot. I do agree with taking your time and fine tuning everything, it’s a must. I disagree, strongly about taking 1-2 shots. Those little LCD screens on the back of our cameras may look nice and pretty, but sometimes you just wont be able to totally tell if lets say your subject is in complete focus, or even if the white balance is correct for the lighting. I’ve found in some cases that I have only taken that 1 shot and it turned out to be great…but the front door was the focus point, and the front bumper was not. Or even the leaf directly behind the flower was in focus and the flower was slightly out. I can only imagine this would’ve been a different story if I had set up again to maybe take 2-3 pics instead of just that 1.

Tip #4


Doing this will and can hurt your business very quickly! When you make excuses in front of clients it kills your professional image that you are trying to set. That very image that you and your work use to sell YOUR BRAND. You want to show your customers that you have the confidence and the “know how” to give them what they are paying for. A customer doesn’t want to hear “only if I had…” out of your mouth, or “my camera doesn’t have that many megapixels”. This all hurts you. You are a professional and you are getting paid to be creative. SO GET CREATIVE! Think of a work around, that’s what you’re getting paid to do. Make that model feel good about themself, or present that communion or wedding and tell a story and make people get to know the people in the pictures. Think of ways to work around maybe flaws in lighting, or equipment, or even lack of help. Don’t make excuses!

Tip #5


Every photographer has their own style. You ask what makes one stand out from another. Well that’s simple, there’s a lot of things but 1 main point that I always look for,who has seen this picture from that perspective? Show people a picture from an incredible place they may never get to see in their lifetime. Catch that angle that no one else can, or be at that spot and frame it in a way that people will ask, “how did they take that picture?”. Make the consumer curious, it gives them the drive to want more.

This concludes my 5 Tip’s…and then some on being a better photographer. I hope you learned something new, after-all that’s what this games all about right? If you want a better understanding of what I mean when I say be bold and different a great place to see examples of this would be Flickr‘s very own Explore page.

Make a comment, tell me what you think!

Twitter me this, and Twitter me that!

Well folks, I have just been introduced to the world of Twitter. I went out for a drink with two friends of mine who I haven’t seen in a very long time. Long time = 3 long years. My friend Jim Carlucci, Systems Admin at CoreStates Capitol Advisors, LLC. Also my friend Brian Hoff, who owns the website “The Design Cubicle” . As conversation led on I figured out that we all had pretty strong opinions on technology and how its being used today with our generation. Jim works with computers all day, brian, well brian is a technology maniac…read his  blog. Anyways the conversation was never dead between us for a good couple hours. Well the talking got on and the topic of twitter came up. WTF is this crap?! Things like RT, @, #, and website links looking like <—- What the shit is this all about?! (By the way visit that link) Anyways as jaws dropped cause I guess I had been so behind on the “twitter” movement Brian took a couple of minutes to show me how it works. Why the hell didn’t i take 15 minutes out of my life to learn how to use twitter? Who the hell knows…lack of interest? Laziness? Probably will do nothing for me? Well I quickly learned how easy it is to market myself, blog, and photography all in one spot! So enough of the yappin, this is the end of this post, and guess what? I’m going to tweet it!