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I love her, but I can never shoot her!

Not to get sappy or anything, but I’ve been with my fiance for just about 5 years now. You would think me being a photographer and her being so beautiful that I’d have TONS of pictures of her right? WRONG! She never wants me to shoot her, even when I ask. There’s always some sort of excuse, such as the dreaded pimple. Better yet I love this one, “it’s not nice out…”. No matter how hard I tried, I was never able to get her out to do it.

So this weekend the clouds parted and the heavens shined down! I said to myself, “self, she’s looking out of this world today, just give it another shot, maybe I’ll get a new excuse out of it to add to the list”. This wasnt the case at all, she said YES! It was like there was no thinking about it either. It was great!! So we took off to go to Sayen Gardens in Hamilton, NJ. I actually got nervous because I knew if the pictures didn’t come out right that this opportunity would never happen again. She said she loves the pics, now you the reader be the judge of that. What do you think?!

For more pictures from this shoot please visit HERE


Philadelphia Coal Pier

I visited the abandoned coal pier 2 weeks ago and took some really interesting photos. It was very creepy being back there on your own, especially with a couple thousand dollars in equipment. It was an amazing spot, mostly all of the structure is still standing and it was showered with amazing graffiti art. Here’s a shot from the Philadelphia Coal Pier Mission. Check my flickr set for more pics from this location.

A couple from Princeton, NJ

Last weekend I had figured I havent shot in Princeton in a while, so what the hell. It was a gorgeous day out, nice sky, clouds, cool breeze. Everything you could ask for. Here is a shot I took right as I was entering Princeton. View my Flickr for more shots.