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Looking love in the eyes

This weekend on Saturday I had the opportunity to shoot with a wedding with a friend of mine at Snuffy’s Pantagis Renaissance steakhouse in New Jersey. Heres a look into the eyes of love with Forrest and Jayvie just after their beautiful wedding ceremony. Keep a look out for some more from this energetic wedding in the next upcoming weeks. Till now here’s the “teaser”. Enjoy!

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Abandoned Jersey Shore

Well if you’ve stumbled upon this blog post I should tell you now, this has nothing to do with the MTV reality show, The Jersey Shore (TV series). It has everything to do about the Asbury Park beach which IS considered a Jersey Shore. Well two weeks ago and friend and myself decided to pick up the good ‘ol cameras and to go shoot somewhere different that we really have never explored. I mean, we’ve both been to the beach, but never during the winter. So off on our journey to Asbury Park to see a beach town that “could’ve been…”. I had very high expectations for a good day with there being snow on the ground and having it be really sunny out. Overall my experience there was nothing shy of freezing. Who knew it would’ve been that much windier down on the shore! I liked this trip because i started noticing mixed emotions with the setting and season. It was winter and my body, finger tips, and face felt that. Aside from snow being on the ground causing a cool effect, my eyes saw that it could be summer as well, with seagulls, sand, roaring waves, and most of all the bright sun. I’ve only processed a couple of pictures from this trip so far so here is a few for the blog! Let me know what you feel when you see these.

G’ Morning Sunshine

Heres a photo that I took while I was at the shore house this past weekend. I had read somewhere that there was an application on your iPhone that tells you exactally when the sun rises and sets depending on where in the world you are. It also tells you at what time you should start seeing light. So naturally, I want a sunrise picture over the ocean. Well just so happens that the sun was supposed to rise at 6:03 am. I set my alarm to wake up at 5:30 to give me time to set up on the beach. Due to excessive drinking the previous night I didnt wake up till 6:08am. I hustled my equipment down to the beach and ended up snagging a couple pictures. The sun was well up in the air at this point and it was very hazy. Let me know your thoughts.