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Formula Drift 2011 Wall, NJ

So I’ve been to quite a few drifting events including Formula Drift at Wall Township in NJ 2 times before this event. I do have to say if you aren’t familiar with drifting it’s incredibly exhilarating, you MUST get out to a drift event as soon as you can! I’ve shot a few drift events before. One of them being East Coast Bash, also known as ECB. This year was the first time I was able to get a media pass and shoot on the track, where all the action is happening. I was so happy, big thank you to Leo at for getting me the media pass. So I got to the track at 8am. Keep in mind, the doors didn’t open to vendors or media till 10. I was a little antsy standing around! After being the 3rd car in the parking lot I saw a few friends of mine, as well as the crew. After getting into the gates, I started shooting a lot of the cars in the pits till about 11:30 when the media meeting was to start.

After the 15 minute briefing about not running in front of moving vehicles and making sure you don’t run onto the track while its hot. Were pretty much kicked to the track, the moment we all were waiting for. At around 12:00 practice started, it was amazing seeing these cars up close and personal and being so close to the action. When I say close I mean close. At one point this Viper spun out and came within 5ft. of where I was shooting.

Did I move? Nope. I have the photo sequence to prove! (will post at a later date)

After Practice rounds came the top 31. Following came all the finalists. At this point we were told by track officials we are able to run onto the track when the cars are lined up to get some shots of the drivers with their sponsor “models”.

At this point all I saw was a swarm of orange media vests running to the center of the track. I found my spot and started shooting. At this point we had about 3-4 minutes and then hurry and run back to your bunker, kind of like I was in a paintball tournament, except I was running with $5,000 in equipment in my hand.

Well the finals round came around and that’s where the magic happened, everyone went all out! I have never seen a track eat up so many cars at one event!

Well the event came to an end. I do have to say that it was an amazing experience to see this action first hand. To view more from the event scope out the gallery and also go HERE for all the high-resolution pictures!


Whats a Z1000?!

“Yo dude, I’m getting a Z1000, think you’d want to shoot it?”

“Yea sure, but what the shit is a Z1000?!”

Well that’s how the conversation between me and Tony started a few weeks ago. Tony is the webmaster and page designer of my official website at if you would like to inquire about any website work shoot him an email at

Oh yes, back to our scheduled blogging.

So the Z1000 is a Kawasaki. It’s a pretty interesting bike. From the factory it has “alien like” side mirrors on it. Kind of weird looking, assuming that is why they were replaced with Ride It Forever Bar End Mirrors. This bike also has a really short wheel base. It takes on the stance of a Buell XB9SX, the wheelbase of this bike is 56.7in. It looks so much fun to throw around on the streets. This bike in specific has a couple more mods other than just the mirrors. This puppy has all the goodies.

Mod List:

  • Vance and Hines Urban Brawlers
  • DDM Tuning 35W 6000K HID Kit
  • Puig Windscreen
  • Tuner X Intergrated Tail Light
  • OES Frame Sliders
  • Z1000 Logo’d Adjustable Levers
  • Ride It Forever bar end mirrors

On to the pics!

Throttled up on 2 wheels

This weekend I decided to call up a few friends with  sport bikes, “crotch rockets”, and do a shoot. I typically don’t shoot bikes at all. I will say, shooting a motorcycle is a lot harder, it forces you to be more creative. A car has many different areas to focus on, so it allows angles and creativity to flow. Car’s are also drastically different in shape, style, and purpose. A motorcycle on the other hand is a little more interesting. Besides the fact that you can fit one inside of a doorway, there’s really not much to them. Yes they can be different in style, from sport bike to choppers and such. When talking about sport bikes though there is really only one purpose, go fast, corner, and don’t get dead.

With this shoot I wanted to take a new approach. Since I have shot a form of transportation in a while I figured I would experiment a little with editing technique and shooting set-ups. All the photos from this shoot were done with 2 Canon 580exII speedlights wirelessly and they were processed to give that dark and sharp grungy feel. We were limited with location at the time of day but over-all I felt pretty comfortable with the spot.

In the photos we have Matt’s bike which is a modified Kawasaki ZX-10R. I previously did a shoot of his E36 here. The Honda F4i is modified as well and that belongs to Ryan. On with the pictures and to veiw the rest go to my Flickr

Quality over quanity…FCF!

This past Saturday marked the day Canibeat auto blog put east coast fitment on the map. They hosted an event at Princeton Airport called “First Class Fitment”. The whole purpose: Quality over Quantity, end of story. This show was the perfect example of the meaning behind that phrase.

For those of you in the tuning world, know that for years the west coast tuners have always been “one upping” east coast. They always bring something new to the table. Those of you not into “the game” it’s like Biggie and Tu-Pac, well minus the guns, and all the rivalry. This is more of a setting the mark higher and raising the bar type of thing. Not really a competition or rivalry but more of a bringing something more radical to the game.

Some background, a couple of months back Dave Tormey of Canibeat brought up a great idea. He mentioned having a meet of all the sickest cars in the surrounding area. Well this was talked about over Facebook and there was pretty much no backing out after opening that can of worms.

It started with a pre registration online. This show’s purpose was to showcase 75 quality cars from up and down the coast. From what I know a few hundred cars registered this event and then they were sorted out. Knowing that sorting was done by the guys at Canibeat I’m pretty positive everybody knew the selection of cars was proper and the spectators would not be let down.

Now we are fast-forwarding a couple of months ahead. Announcements were made and emails sent, who was selected to show. During this time a teaser pic was posted of the trophies. Friends from CCW sent these wheel faces. Then they were mounted on wooden stands. The categories were Best JDM, Best VIP, Best Euro, Best Fitment, and finally Best in Show.

Also we were informed that at this show will be a DJ, raffles, an artist, food, and free give-aways! So…ummm…what more could you ask for at a car show?

Well, the day arrives and we pull in to the show area. Wait…that wasn’t the show area…that was the spectator parking. Well we passed the spectator parking and wrapped around to the airplane hangers. We turned the corner and to my amazement cars were being directed every which way. It was a car “lowasis”. People were cleaning their rides and assembling tents and setting up their spots, all with small private airplanes taking off on a runway 150 yards from the entertainment! Amazing setting!

Within no time, the music fired up and so did the grills! There was so much activity going on. There was not one dull moment. After walking around outside the hangers it was time to go into the main hanger and check out even more cars. I can start naming all the people at this show but i would have a laundry list to type. I will say that i did enjoy shooting Miro’s slammed Honda S2000. It was sitting so pretty.

Through-out this show it was great to see the scene on the rise and just the culture of people who it attracts. One thing I loved was all of the people getting involved with exposure of media. There were people with cameras everywhere. There were people with small pocket video cameras, point and shoots, disposable, HD video cameras, camera phones, everywhere you turn there was a flash or the sound of a shutter.

Overall this event kicked ass. Best event I’ve been to all year. I give a big thanks to Canibeat for making this show happen. It was executed perfectly and I know that people are already waiting to see what next year will bring. Well here are some more pics from the event. If you’d like to see more photo coverage check my Flickr set here

Hitting the Back Straight!

This weekend was packed solid for me, as well as the next few. Recently I was invited to shoot at a private track event held at Englishtown Raceway Park, NJ. Event was held by JDS Motoring. Here is a couple pictures from the event. I havent yet finished the entire shoot yet but here is just a couple for your enjoyment.

A summer in review…

So I noticed this morning I was shuffling around looking for my hoodie to wear to work. Right then I thought, “I miss you already summer, but I can’t wait for winter” and I got the idea to write this post. This summer was amazing. I met a lot of great people and went to a lot of wild events!

Well here was my summer in review. It pretty much started with a big bang. I attended the New Jersey Motorsports Park to shoot for the Redline Time Attack event. Here is where I was issued my first media pass. It was an amazing experience.

Shortly after this in June Formula Drift event was scheduled at Wall Speedway also in NJ, therefore I was scheduled to be there. Even though I wasn’t able to get a media pass I was able to get some great pictures from the stands.

Due to a lot of my friends being heavily involved in the drifting scene I had attended more events than usual. I will say these guys def know how to have a good time! So I went to ECB (east coast bash) at Englishtown‘s Raceway Park drift course. It was a blast! I got an opportunity to hang on the track with some of the big guys in the drift world like,
Mad Mike Whiddett

Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Chris Forsberg

Ryan Tuerck

Aside from hangin with the big guys I had the chance to sit in on a crazy photo shoot of about 30 cars set up by the Lower Class crew where I took this quick snapshot, just to show you the caliper of cars that we there.

Soon there after my car blew up…I got real pissed, my precious 06 Subaru STI. Ok here’s a pic of that, but enough of this.

To get my mind off my car me and the fiancé decided to spend the weekend at the Shorehouse in North Wildwood. Here is the last picture that came out of my 40D, as it pretty much blew up on me and fried itself, luckily not the card.

Well as if my luck couldn’t get worse from my car blowing its motor my camera had to blow. Well that FORCED me to buy a Canon 5D MKll. Yes, forced me. From here I did some sweet shoots of friends cars.

Matt – RSX-S DC5

Greg – Turbo’d S2000

Justin’s Audi TT

This pretty much wrapped up my summer. So now that I’ve overloaded this post with pictures and you’ve seen SOME of what my summer has been like, how about you? Whats your summer been like? Good I hope. Well for now, peace out summer, it was good seeing you, I’ll be seeing you again next year!

5 Tips, and then some, on being a better photographer

There are many pointers, tricks, methods, rules, guidelines…etc that many photographers use in order to get that shot they want. Everyone has their own way of going about setting up a shot or trying to make their shot that much different from everyone elses. Now seeing how I mostly shoot scenery and automotive, most of the time objects that I am shooting are stationary. Therefore I am able to access the scene and set-up accordingly. I will tell you right now…I am not the best photographer out there, and I don’t think I have even begun to scratch the surface, but I do try my best to produce that “WOW!” effect in a picture. That being said, the MAIN tip for every photographer out there is have CONFIDENCE in yourself! If you don’t have confidence or a strong head on your shoulders you will get stomped on and walked all over, and believe me, no one wants to hire a limp photographer! On to the tips before I go on a confidence rant!

Tip #1


What makes an amazing capture always starts with a base, I’ll give you a hint, it’s the first step every photographer should take before that shutter clicks. That is framing the picture and composing the shot to give the consumer that “WOW!” effect I had mentioned earlier. You want to create an angle between you and that object that will grab your customer/consumers eye and draw them in. A few things should be going through your mind as you prepare your shot. Look around and check your background, make sure nothing will be or is over powering your subject. For example: I’m shooting a sport bike at a loading dock, right next to this sport bike is a GINORMOUS 18-wheeler. Ummm that in my opinion takes away from noticing the beauty that bike may have. Yes it can be framed to look differently if you MOVE YOUR FEET but certain things in background will take away from you subject. Next! Check your reflections, and your horizon lines. Things like these can be changed or processed in Photoshop, but your goal as a photographer is to create as little work for yourself in processing as possible. If adjusting something at the time of the shoot takes you 30 seconds, you will have saved about 3 minutes in Photoshop. So if you’ve got a reflection move a couple of feet over and see if it washes out (this is if you don’t have a circular polarizer, definitely a must have). Finally, there is nothing worse than taking a picture, visualizing what you want that final product to look like then going to process and you find a foreign object behind your subject that totally distorts the picture. in some cases such as candid shots this may not be able to be prevented. I had taken a picture of my fiance. I absolutely loved this shot. I took it a couple of years back when we took our first vacation and I got my first camera. I still love it, but someone pointed out to me that it looks like a tree is growing out of the model’s head. Here is the picture to get a better understanding of foreign objects in backgrounds. In this case it couldn’t have been prevented due to the fact it wasnt a posed shot.

Tip #2


Unlike the first tip this one is pretty self-explanatory. Take your pictures, post them up, let the public see them on flickr, photobucket, webshots, or even facebook. Let them judge your work and your style (which yes, you will develop your OWN style). Then have them tell you why they don’t like it and knock you off of your pedestal. Then LEARN FROM IT. After this, read from the second sentence of this tip to the part where it says LEARN FROM IT, and uhhhh, do that for a couple of years, maybe the rest of your career. You don’t always have to take everyone’s advice, but you sure can take it and make your own judgement from it. Art is different in everybody’s eyes, and its on you to make the decision if what you ment to do is how you visualized that picture to look. People will go their own ways in this industry and that’s how you create your own look, your own style.

Tip #3


Well those of you that only own 1 2 gig card may hate this tip, but ya know what, if you only have 1 2 gig card then you need to purchase another, or better yet get a 4,8,16,32 gig card. Well a lot of people say setup your shot and shot it once. Take the time and double-check all your adjustments and shoot. I do agree with taking your time and fine tuning everything, it’s a must. I disagree, strongly about taking 1-2 shots. Those little LCD screens on the back of our cameras may look nice and pretty, but sometimes you just wont be able to totally tell if lets say your subject is in complete focus, or even if the white balance is correct for the lighting. I’ve found in some cases that I have only taken that 1 shot and it turned out to be great…but the front door was the focus point, and the front bumper was not. Or even the leaf directly behind the flower was in focus and the flower was slightly out. I can only imagine this would’ve been a different story if I had set up again to maybe take 2-3 pics instead of just that 1.

Tip #4


Doing this will and can hurt your business very quickly! When you make excuses in front of clients it kills your professional image that you are trying to set. That very image that you and your work use to sell YOUR BRAND. You want to show your customers that you have the confidence and the “know how” to give them what they are paying for. A customer doesn’t want to hear “only if I had…” out of your mouth, or “my camera doesn’t have that many megapixels”. This all hurts you. You are a professional and you are getting paid to be creative. SO GET CREATIVE! Think of a work around, that’s what you’re getting paid to do. Make that model feel good about themself, or present that communion or wedding and tell a story and make people get to know the people in the pictures. Think of ways to work around maybe flaws in lighting, or equipment, or even lack of help. Don’t make excuses!

Tip #5


Every photographer has their own style. You ask what makes one stand out from another. Well that’s simple, there’s a lot of things but 1 main point that I always look for,who has seen this picture from that perspective? Show people a picture from an incredible place they may never get to see in their lifetime. Catch that angle that no one else can, or be at that spot and frame it in a way that people will ask, “how did they take that picture?”. Make the consumer curious, it gives them the drive to want more.

This concludes my 5 Tip’s…and then some on being a better photographer. I hope you learned something new, after-all that’s what this games all about right? If you want a better understanding of what I mean when I say be bold and different a great place to see examples of this would be Flickr‘s very own Explore page.

Make a comment, tell me what you think!

Look at my TEE TEE!

Hey guys, this weekend was pretty crazy, tons of events went on from New Brunswick all the way to the super chill Liberty VIP BBQ. This past Saturday to kick off the week I shot a good friend JG’s Audi TT. This thing kick’s ass. ALL of this work that was done to this car was done by himself as well. Well here’s his extensive mod list. Enjoy the pictures and don’t forget to check my Flickr for the rest of the pictures from this shoot.


Keskin kt1s front 17×8.5 et 5mm overall rear 17×10 et 5mm overall

Falken 512 205 45 17 front 215 45 17 rear

Bilstine pss9s modified for lower nuspeed 19mm rear sway

Stable energies 4 point roll bar
Vent mount boost gauge
Custom rear seat delete with remote battery located under cover
Ash tray deleted with custom 2 gauge pod aem wideband and aem tru boost

Osir rear telson spoiler
Exhaust panel
Satin black deleted wipers
Custom heat displacement cutouts in hood

Scat rods
Apr hardware
+.oo1 calico coated rod bearings
Mahle motor sport 8.9 to 1 compression forged pistons with 20mm rist pins
Aeb large port head
Supertech single grove keeeper valves
Inconle exuasht valves and stainless intakes
Supetech hd valve springs
Rosten retainers
Cat 3651 cam set
Cat adustable timing gear
Kenetic t3 cast tubular exausht manifold
Garret gt3076 turbo .63 a/r exhaust
Custom 2.5 in intercooler piping
Garret 600hp fmic core
Custom 3 inch turbo back with magniflow mufler
Ross machine largeport short runner intake manifold
70mm drive by wire throttle body
Tial 38mm externally dumped waste gate
Tial alpha q bov
Uni 630cc base tune with seimens 630cc injectors
Stock fuel puump with wlboro 255lph inline pump

Black Chrome RSX

Well as you all know Derek has a set of sick CCW’s that have been flaunted all over the blogs. Now I think its time everyone see’s a legit shoot of Nugent’s RSX slammed and fitted on some sick Black Chrome RPF1’s (and of course the newly installed Cusco JungleGym). The talk of Stunnrstatus is the E-Famous Evo (pictures do not do it a justice, incerdible to see in person) but noone has officially seen Matt’s RSX on his new setup, except if you were at Honda Day at E-Town, he was with our boys in the CaniBeat Tent. Well we decided this weekend to do a quick last minute shoot and get the car out there to be seen! Well here are a couple pictures. Visit my Flickr for the rest of the shoot!

Slammed Miata

Well going through the archives and found a really old picture of one of my personal favorites that Derek from stunnrstatus built. This Miata kicked ass, I took a couple quick pictures of it not knowing it was going to be sold and never seen again a couple of weeks after. If I had known this I would’ve had a legitimate shoot with the car.