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Throttled up on 2 wheels

This weekend I decided to call up a few friends with  sport bikes, “crotch rockets”, and do a shoot. I typically don’t shoot bikes at all. I will say, shooting a motorcycle is a lot harder, it forces you to be more creative. A car has many different areas to focus on, so it allows angles and creativity to flow. Car’s are also drastically different in shape, style, and purpose. A motorcycle on the other hand is a little more interesting. Besides the fact that you can fit one inside of a doorway, there’s really not much to them. Yes they can be different in style, from sport bike to choppers and such. When talking about sport bikes though there is really only one purpose, go fast, corner, and don’t get dead.

With this shoot I wanted to take a new approach. Since I have shot a form of transportation in a while I figured I would experiment a little with editing technique and shooting set-ups. All the photos from this shoot were done with 2 Canon 580exII speedlights wirelessly and they were processed to give that dark and sharp grungy feel. We were limited with location at the time of day but over-all I felt pretty comfortable with the spot.

In the photos we have Matt’s bike which is a modified Kawasaki ZX-10R. I previously did a shoot of his E36 here. The Honda F4i is modified as well and that belongs to Ryan. On with the pictures and to veiw the rest go to my Flickr


Shooting the Hook

Lately I’ve been doing more work outside of my realm. I’ve been wanting to take a different approach to my photography, I want to try and catch those angles that’ll take your breath away.

I have started to get more fond of doing Black and White photos. A lot of people will say “black and white is plain” or that “black and white has no depth”. Well people, I know black and white processing doesn’t show vibrant colors and vivid reds to catch the eye, but it does take you from one extreme part of the spectrum to the complete opposite extreme. One thing I have found that black and white does a lot better than color is show physical emotion. When you see a great black and white image it can speak so much more about the personality and mood not just coming from the subject but from the photographer as well. I feel that sometimes beautiful colors in a picture can take away from the emotion in that frame.

Now with all of this being said, I had an opportunity to do a shoot with a good friend of mine, Michael Abernathy “Dj Nappy”. He certainly has come a long way. I cant put it in any better words than he has in his Bio on his website.

Those of you that know who Nappy is, will know the pictures in this post best describe him. Those of you that don’t know him hopefully the style and creation of these images kind of give you a better idea as to the kind of person he is.

To keep up on his works follow him at these spots


SoundCloud:  <——–Must See!


Twitter: @djnappy

Chase and Payton

This past weekend I had a really fun opportunity to take photos and these two wonderful kids. As you all know Halloween is coming up and these little ones wanted to show off their new costumes! First thing that happened as we pulled up to the park was a sprint for the swing set, as any kid would.

After we played on the swings for a bit Chase decided we all should play in the leaves for a little bit. Well we didn’t realize that he wanted to eat the leaves instead of play in them.

Well at least he got a kick out of it haha!

Well in this part of the shoot he wanted to hang out on the picnic bench and sip on his bottle for a little. I guess he wore himself out a little bit.

Well as the day came to an end the children’s parents decided to put them in their Halloween costumes.

Well I’m really happy I had the opportunity to take on this photo shoot, I had a really great time doing this shoot, the kids were great and seemed like they had a really fun time. As this being my first shoot i have done with young kids, please give me some feedback and let me know what you think! Thanks all!

Look at my TEE TEE!

Hey guys, this weekend was pretty crazy, tons of events went on from New Brunswick all the way to the super chill Liberty VIP BBQ. This past Saturday to kick off the week I shot a good friend JG’s Audi TT. This thing kick’s ass. ALL of this work that was done to this car was done by himself as well. Well here’s his extensive mod list. Enjoy the pictures and don’t forget to check my Flickr for the rest of the pictures from this shoot.


Keskin kt1s front 17×8.5 et 5mm overall rear 17×10 et 5mm overall

Falken 512 205 45 17 front 215 45 17 rear

Bilstine pss9s modified for lower nuspeed 19mm rear sway

Stable energies 4 point roll bar
Vent mount boost gauge
Custom rear seat delete with remote battery located under cover
Ash tray deleted with custom 2 gauge pod aem wideband and aem tru boost

Osir rear telson spoiler
Exhaust panel
Satin black deleted wipers
Custom heat displacement cutouts in hood

Scat rods
Apr hardware
+.oo1 calico coated rod bearings
Mahle motor sport 8.9 to 1 compression forged pistons with 20mm rist pins
Aeb large port head
Supertech single grove keeeper valves
Inconle exuasht valves and stainless intakes
Supetech hd valve springs
Rosten retainers
Cat 3651 cam set
Cat adustable timing gear
Kenetic t3 cast tubular exausht manifold
Garret gt3076 turbo .63 a/r exhaust
Custom 2.5 in intercooler piping
Garret 600hp fmic core
Custom 3 inch turbo back with magniflow mufler
Ross machine largeport short runner intake manifold
70mm drive by wire throttle body
Tial 38mm externally dumped waste gate
Tial alpha q bov
Uni 630cc base tune with seimens 630cc injectors
Stock fuel puump with wlboro 255lph inline pump

Nice camera it must…STOP RIGHT THERE!

Watch this movie I created before reading the blog post. This is something that has happened to me quite a few times, and I know every other photographer freelance or pro has had this happen many of times as well. Whatever is said in this movie is just ment to be funny. I personally don’t get this bothered when someone says this (yes sometimes it will get on my nerves) but not to the point in which this cute little bear takes it. Enjoy!

This Post was actually created because I had read another blog post from an amazing photographer, Danny Santos II. He puts it very well in what he says in the post. If this comes out wrong from me check out what he said. You may understand a little better. I’m not being cocky and no, I do not think I am the best photographer out there. But to all of you fellow photographers, I know comments like these get under your skin a little. I’ve needed to blow off some steam a little bit and I’ve felt this would be the best way to do so. Yes as some of you know I recently had to purchase a Canon 5D MKII camera. My Canon 40D decided to blow up, along with my car two weekends ago. That is actually when I came about making this video. I was pissed because I missed having a camera and needed to let out a little steam. In the past two years that I have been a photographer there have been a few times when people have said to me, “nice camera, it must take __________ pictures”. Fill in that blank with fast, nice, great, beautiful. Hell you can throw in that blank ugly, shitty, fucked up, or disgusting as well. Yea all these things happen good and bad with this camera I am shooting with right here. But I have news for ya peps. The camera didn’t just take that picture, I did. Yes I took that picture and I made it great, I made it shitty, I made it work, and yes I made that magic that will make your jaw drop, your eyes water, or the horrible blank look that says, never show this picture again.

Example: I took this picture below with a point and shoot camera. I like to show this picture. (this was a couple of months into my journey as a photographer, with a little bit of knowledge on how to work a camera)

On the other hand here is a picture I took when i got my first DSLR (when I had no clue). The picture is out of focus, exposure is all wrong, framing and composition was horrible. I think this could’ve been a decent pic, given the fact that I had a clue as to what the hell I was doing.

Sorry if anyone has been offended, the post wasn’t ment for that. It’s just I feel I am speaking for other photographers when I say this. Yes as well as myself but like I said it usually will not bother me when I hear this. As a photographer I love attention, and if the size or looks of my camera gets that for me than bring it on!

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