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Exclusive S15 Silvia

This past weekend I did an “exclusive” shoot with the Silvia S-15. As some of you may know this car has gotten a lot of coverage over the past 1-2 years. After the shoot was over we decided to take a ride on the city, Philadelphia that is. First things first. This car breaks necks like I’ve never seen before. I do understand that when I am sitting in the driver’s seat” and I am not the one actually driving it may look a bit odd. Most of you may know at this point that the car is RHD (right-hand drive), that’s right, it’s here in the US and the steering wheel is on the right side. As we were driving about just looking for a place to get a quick snack and then load the trailer up, Sean wanted a shot of the car in a very different location that said Philadelphia all the while showcasing the car. So we set out on our 30min journey looking for that spot. Putting an image in my head I needed something that screamed Philadelphia but at the same time trying to get that in a spot you don’t see pics of cars in to often.

Well I got the spot. Dead smack in the middle of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. I just needed to find a spot and backdrop that said “That is a Philadelphia car”. So we drove a bit and decided to throw this thing in the middle of the median on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, and catching a shot of City Hall right behind. Let me know what ya think!

Read up more on this car and the story behind the love and friendships that made it possible at


Derek’s Evo Sneak Peak

Well as you all know this is my personal blog aside from being a blogger on Stunnrstatus. I figured I’d share with you all a very delayed but yet very plesant addition to the Stunnrstatus Evo Viii. It is an amazing set of 18×10.5 CCW Lm20’s…SOOOOOO fresh! The whole point of me making this post was to have a teaser of the car. But this past weekend while I was at my shore house it made its debut on the new set-up at a local car event ( Anyway here is my teaser shot of Dereks car for now. Will be taking a complete shoot of this car very shortly so stay posted!! OOOOOOOOOON TO THE PICTURE (not so teaser shot anymore now that people have seen it. I was a little late on this haha).